Forum Thread: Top 5 Free Traffic Sources For Affiliate Marketers

Generating highly targeted traffic that converts is one of the hardest things to accomplish, especially when you try to do it for free. So here are my Top 5 Free Sources For Affiliate Marketers that work like a charm.

Number 1 (Youtube)

I know this is a little obvious but I have to throw it on this list, and of course it's YouTube. With over five billion views per day its safe to say that making videos in your niche won't be a waste of time. Video has quickly become, and will continue to be the top way to connect with potential customers. And with youtube being the largest platform for videos you really should be uploading videos relevant to your niche. I know not everyone is comfortable on camera, so if you're one of those people don't worry, I have some alternatives just for you.

Number 2 (Facebook)

This is one of my favorites because it's super easy generate highly targeted traffic with groups. There are so many Facebook groups out there in every niche imaginable, all you have to do is the one best fit for you. A couple of tips for you to get the best results from the groups are number one, to actually be a part of the community, and number two to provide helpful posts. If you do this people will start to want to hear your opinion, and they won't mind seeing the occasional affiliate link from someone who helped them solve their problem.

Number 3 (Quora)

This is my secret weapon that I use to get thousands of visits to my landing pages each and every month. If you take the time to write out some high-quality answers you can get thousands of views consistently. It's really easy to find and answer questions (as you probably know). After you create an account just go up to the search bar, type in a question that people in your niche would ask, click on one of the selections, and just below the question click on the answer button and then get to writing.

Number 4 (Reddit)

This is another great place to generate highly targeted traffic similar to Facebook groups, except instead of being called groups, on Reddit they're called subreddits. When you find a subreddit perfect for your niche make sure you create posts that are more about your experiences, and case studies, instead of just answering random questions that could be found with a simple Google search. The Reddit Community can be pretty harsh sometimes if they get the vibe that you're a spammer, which is why a lot of people don't even recommend Reddit, but as long as you are creating good posts about your experiences, and case studies you shouldn't have a problem.

Number 5 (Instagram)

At first glance you might not think Instagram is a good traffic source for affiliate marketers, but if you take a closer look it can be one of the most lucrative free traffic sources. I know one big problem affiliate marketers have with using Instagram as a traffic source is the fact that you can only have one link in your bio, but there is a solution to that. Personally I use the free tool to add multiple different links. You can have one link go to One landing page, have another link go to a totally separate landing page, a third link can go to your YouTube channel or any other social media, So the one link problem is solved. Growing on Instagram is pretty easy as long as you post high quality photos, and videos that evoke an emotion out of your audience at least once per day.

The more of these you take advantage of, the more people you'll drive to your landing page, and ultimately the more sales you'll make.

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